In a lush green meadow, there lived a gentle cow named Dawn. She spent her days grazing on the fresh grass and enjoying the warmth of the sun. Unbeknownst to her, a group of flies was building a tiny village inside her eye.

The flies had been searching for a new home for a long time when they came across Dawn. They were drawn to the warmth and safety of her eye and decided to build their village there. So they worked tirelessly, gathering materials and building their little homes.

Each house was unique, with its own special touches, like a little flower garden or a tiny porch swing. And as the village grew, the flies became more and more proud of their work. They had created a beautiful and peaceful home for themselves and their families.

Dawn didn’t mind the flies’ presence in her eye. In fact, she found their buzzing to be quite soothing. She would often watch them go about their business, admiring the progress they made each day. And she would even offer them little gifts of grass and hay.

As the days passed, the flies became a part of Dawn’s daily routine. She enjoyed watching them fly around, visiting with their neighbors and working on their homes. And she felt grateful to have such wonderful friends.

One evening, as the sun began to set, the flies gathered together for a celebration. They had finished building their village, and they wanted to share it with Dawn. They flew around her eye, forming intricate patterns in the air and singing a beautiful song.

Dawn was touched by the flies’ gesture and felt grateful to have such kind and creative friends. She closed her eyes and basked in the warm glow of the sun, listening to the beautiful melody of the flies.

And so, the little village in Dawn’s eye became a symbol of friendship and love. The flies had found a home in the most unlikely of places, and they had created a beautiful community for themselves. They knew that they were lucky to have found Dawn, and they would always be grateful for her kindness and warmth.